Increase heat dissipation from the disc is possible only by increasing its surface area in contact with the environment. To solve this problem, engineers designed a ventilated brake disc.

Ventilated brake discs

Ventilated brake disc device is not very complicated – the brake disk is not continuous, it is divided into two discs connected by partitions. With these partitions air circulation occurs between the two parts of the brake discs and thus, additional heat removal occurs, which is released rapidly in the interaction of the brake discs and brake pads.

Sometimes, on the working surface of some kinds of the brake discs the perforation or groove can be seen. This design solution contributes to a better removal of wear and gases released from the friction lining during braking directly from the place of contact pads on the disk, nor does it allow us to assume “ascent” of brake pads in contact with water on the working surface of the disk. The effectiveness of braking while slightly improved, but wear of the brake pad in tandem with such disks increases, making their use impractical on a standard production car.