Small and unobtrusive fuel filter is an inexpensive consumable item, invisible until it works normal. It protects the engine from impurities in the fuel, and thus provides a long and trouble-free operation of the vehicle.

Fuel filter (or fine filter) is aimed for removal of fuel supplied to the engine (diesel, gas) of dust, particulates, sludge from the bottom of the gas tank, water, paraffins and the whole excess that hangs in the fuel mixture, and may damage the engine. As better the filter is – so better fuel is cleansed, which means that the motor will run longer without causing problems.

Fuel filters

Place for the filter is between the fuel tank and the engine in front of the pump (or in front of the carburetor in older cars). Through the filter material under pressure gasoline (diesel) passes, purged of impurities before further use. The filters for diesel engines has established also a membrane to separate water and heating system that provides fluidity of diesel fuel at temperatures below zero.

Clean the smallest pores of the filter from contamination either at home or in an industrial environment is impossible, therefore, in the development of the resource (or earlier, at the critical pollution) simply change the filter with a new one and the old one is given for recycling.