GoodYear tires – always confident driving

GoodYear Company is one of the world leaders of car manufacturing. GoodYear has proven to be one of the safest and qualitative tires. It uses only the modern technologies for the creation of qualitative tires and always develops the new models both for the passenger cars and for the trucks. The company offers a wide range of seasonal tires at different prices so that every motorist can find something suitable.

GoodYear tires

The review of summer model GoodYearEagleF1 Asymmetric (XL).

Summer tire GoodYear EagleF1 Asymmetric (XL) was designed by company’s engineers especially for the powerful cars. It was based on the technology Racing Compound Racing Compound, used in the race cars. The car feels confident during the fast turns, on the wet or hot pavement. Due to an excellent adhesion and protection from aquaplaning, heavy rain won’t stop you from the fast driving both on the straight road and at the hard turns.