How to Install Fuel Pump Assembly 2011 – 2014 Hyundai Elantra

2011 Hyundai Elantra. We’re going through the steps in replacing the fuel pump. We’ll start by 0 pressure off the system using our pressure relief valve or gate. Be sure to capture a feeling this safe container. Before beginning any repair disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the 2 lower seat cushion retaining walls and slide the seat forward. Disconnect electrical connections. And remove the seat.

Fuel Pump AssemblyRemove the punk cover. And this connect electrical connections. So it’s a good idea to clean any material off the top the tank. Keep her from entering the tank when really the model. This connecting missions line. And fuel lines. Be sure to capture any residual fuel in the line. Permitting the locking ring museum nonferrous brass punch turning it counterclockwise. Because the design of this unit.

It can be difficult to remove from the tank. Keep in mind at the bottom the module is a resume or the will hold residual fuel be sure to capture this in the same container. At this point we need to drain the remaining fuel in the safe container. And clean inside the tank. Having a clean environment for the fuel pump to operate in will extend the life of the palm. But inside the tank thoroughly clean paraded install the new year text models.

Install the tanks seal and its location on the top of the tank and carefully worked the modular fuel pump assembly in this position As you’re fully see the model simply into place make sure to align the locating tab to the proper location on top of the tank. Install our hearing turning it clockwise. Make sure to like hearing is fully seated into the retainer. Connect the missions line and fuel line. Reconnect electrical connections and stolid cover.

Reinstall rear lower seat cushion into the vehicle. But the repair complaint reattached inane battery cable. Start the vehicle monsters fuel pressure. Making sure to then vehicle specifications. Now before I remember pressure gauge was shut the vehicle off and leave the pressure using our pressure gauge making sure to capture any fuel in the safe container.

Scope of the semi-trailer.

Scope of the semi-trailer.Of course, primarily trailers are used in the construction. For the production of concrete or grout you need a lot of bulk materials – primarily sand and gravel. Without them you can’t build a house and do not repair motorway. It means that there must be transport, delivering them to the construction site. Ordinary trucks rarely cope in this task, and their load capacity is quite low. That is why dumpers are primarily used for these goals. But when their duty is not enough, then the use of the semi-trailer will be most welcome.

Furthermore, tent trailers are used to transport the industrial and consumer goods. In this case, they protect the contents from adverse environmental conditions, because often dust, moisture or wind are ready to damage the transported goods.

Another common type of semi-trailers is a container. This special machinery is engaged in the delivery of goods to the place of loading and unloading in the port, railway station, as well as to the destination.

What are the airbags?

What are the airbags?

Seat belts are at all cars since 50-ies of the last century. But modern machines are installed throughout with airbags that expand on impact, than actually soften the blow of head. This device effectively triggered with seat belts. In a frontal collision the belt catches a person at an early stage and keeps him, but it is not able to protect the neck from whiplash injury.

airbags car

Whiplash injuries is throw forward, which can cause stretching of the neck muscles and tendons, dislocation of the vertebrae and the spinal cord gap. In order to avoid this there are airbag.

Today airbags are distinguished by the installation site and volume. Frontal airbags reach a volume of 100 liters. But only some of them are disclosed in the depending pin. The system recognizes independently which of them is disclosed.